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From: Tim Stillman
Subject: m/m young friends "Haden and Barry Fuck All Night Long"Haden and Barry Fuck All Night Long
Chapter 4
Schoolyard Sex
Tim StillmanMan, were they tired. Their penises were little limp spaghetti strands,
their balls were tiny shriveled meatballs. They were naked as ilegal russian pics the
proverbial jaybirds, and the big catch here was^�the sun was rising. And
there they were passed out cold, thanks to some Wild Turkey, behind their
favorite spot, the band room.The sun was summer time; the school was not in session yet. Still and
all, there were houses on the street to their left and one to their
right. Haden woke groggily and put his hands to his eyes to shield them
from the strobe light glare of the just rising sun. He knew a cat had
been russian girls nude pic
here and taken a dump in his mouth. He felt over to see if Barry was
still there.And he pushed Barry's shoulder. "Hey, man, get up, we gotta get out of
here."Barry nuzzled his nose into Haden's arm and shoulder and curled up so
sweetly his naked little body, that in spite of the all night xxx russian top 100 sex-a-thon,
in spite of the whole bottle they had drunk, in spite of morning
`a-risin' and people going to their cars like over there at that
house^�OH MY GOD^�and russian loitas list Haden did everything but dive into his summer
shorts and his T-shirt^�forgetting his Nikes^�for which his parents would
not be thrilled^�He threw Barry's clothes at him and shook his shoulders hard. russian girl naturist gallery He gritted
his teeth as Barry said, "wanna fuck you again," slurry toned^�"Hey
Barry the sun is rising. We gotta go."Barry said, "suck my dick again, you suck it better than anyone in the
world^�""Look," Haden said," pushing Barry's kaki shorts onto Barry's face,
and saying, "we gotta go."To which Barry replied, "You got the cutest little ass russian babey sex
hole in the
world^�"Haden tried to put the shorts on Barry and squirming them up his
friend's legs."You the best fuck buddy^�""Will you shut the fuck up? The sun's rising."Barry waved his hands drunkenly and then realized all of a sudden, he had
the most massive king size headache in the whole world..Which was
apparently his favorite phrase this morning."God fuckin' damn, Haden," my mouth feels russian huge boobs like^�""Yeah, I know..Like all the birds in the whole word," and somehow,
taking a moment to fondle Barry's little nuts one more time russian 16 yo porn russian pink nude girls which made
his friend russian brides sexy
giggle, managed to pull up Barry's kaki shorts and button and
zip them. He rose Barry to his feet..Also forgetting the tennis
shoes..which would be fun for his parents to find out too^�the money
those goddam things cost^�.Barry fell into Haden's arms and nuzzled his neck. So far, Haden
noticed, they were still in fairly deep shadow cast by the band building,
but they wouldn't be for long. The man directly across from them had
gotten into his car now and had driven away.There would however be more, and there were windows in those houses too,
people coming to the porch for the paper, for a smoke, to test the
weather and seeing two naked little boys would surely register on their
most surprised eyes, when the shadow overhang went away. Which reminded
Haden he had a helluva drunk over hang himself."The sun," Haden said xxx russian nude girls pulling Barry from kissing and licking Haden's
left cheek. As the sun rose higher."Why russian school porn
the fuck you go on sayin' that? We ain't couple of^�" and here
Barry threw up, wiped his mouth, and carried on as though nothing had
happened, baby russian sex "vampires for Christ---"Haden grasped Barry's hand and started to run weaving serpentine (yes,
from "The In-Laws"^�the funniest movie the boys had ever seen. They had
laughed themselves sick over it.)So russian cum ass
Barry with head splitting and still dreaming of fucking Haden all
night^�which did not happen^�Haden fucked Barry too^�they took
turns^�double dipping their wick as often as they could and they could
most often dip it, so Barry ran drunkenly and fell down as Haden picked
him up and ran with him a bit more, as Barry fell down, russian naturists girls as Haden sighed,
and picked him up, so they did this all the way to their houses.With their parents at each of their houses waiting on the porch,
exceedingly unhappy. Haden and Barry went under the belt for their little
morning too late snooze. They met up again on the small hill just outside
of the city limits where there was a field and nothing else for half a
mile around."Ten." Haden said how many licks he got."Five." Barry said how many licks he got."Your family treats you like a pussy.""I know."They lay down now as they got off their bikes and let them fall to the
side. The grass was hot, the breeze was stifling, the sun was
unforgivably bright and half killed their heads and eyes, no matter they
had taken so many aspirin for their hangover and for their whippings."Hurt?""Yep.""Kiss it and make it better?""Oh, please," Barry said.As he let Haden pull off the brown kaki shorts and held out his
legs^�they were wearing their Nikes again^�Haden had gone by the school
and surprised, they were still there. So he took off Barry's shorts,
then untied the tennis shoes and took them and the shorts off. Barry's
little barber pole was standing at attention."Let me look at free russian porno sex your butt," Haden smiled down at him, as he leaned on
his elbow and Barry lay supine on the grass. Haden pulled Barry's white
T-shirt off, thus lying there naked and hard and feeling less pain. He
winked at Haden, did a flip-flop and over on his tummy, lay he.Barry's butt was a nice cherry red. Haden touched it. Barry yelped.
Haden rubbed his hand delicately over Barry's naked ass and felt himself
being turned on. Haden kissed it so warmly and so comfortingly and
NOT EVER NO WAY NO HOW. So he had Barry remove his friend's clothes and
thus naked Haden lying there on his stomach while Barry did the same
thing to Haden's buttocks.Then they lay on their backs and stroked each other's hard-ons as the
day lazily went along. They lay closer together now. Their heads hurt
less. Their butts hurt some. But the day hurt more, for Haden said,
"Does the day know it's dying?""Ah, what?" Barry asked. And nuzzled Haden's downy arm."Does the day know it's dying?""The day can't think, dummy. You gotta stick with grass. Booze makes
you weird.""I think it does.""Yeah, shit head, that's just what I said.""What? I said, does the day know it's dying.""Well, from that highly badly structured sentence, I am now going to
have to put your dick in my mouth and suck it for all baby russian sex
its worth."Haden thought about it and opened his legs and pushed Barry to the one
and only world famous never to be duplicated russian amateur photo board
penis of the golden boy of
all the world, Haden, and started sucking on it to beat the band.
Wherever the hell that phrase had come from.And Haden did it. First time. He was surprised. Barry was surprised.
Haden's penis was surprised. Barry's mouth was surprised. Barry pulled
off and watched little white foamy stuff still emit from Haden's dick.
Haden who had been tgp free russian
lying there enjoying the cock sucking sat up and
looked at the little white foamy stuff. russian kid naked free Barry was tasting it in his mouth
and looked at Haden's eyes."Fuck, man, you just fuckin' came."Haden almost cried.Barry almost cried.Haden from joy, today you are a man, my son.Barry from fear, today Haden is a man, my son.Oh crap. Barry lay down on his back. Haden tasted his own cum. Took a tip
of finger in a very small bit of white on his left thigh and licked it."Oh, come on, Haden, that's disgusting, even for you."Haden said, "It tastes like Clorox."Barry said, "How the hell you know what Clorox tastes like? You a big
Clorox drinker?"Haden said, lying down beside Barry again. "I just know. It just does."They were silent for a time, and then Barry asked if he could russian candid sex fuck Haden
from the front, but Haden said he had to think about this cumming
business.Barry asked, "What's to think about? You came. Big whoopee. You're at
the age. It took no brilliance on your part. Who the hell gives a fuck
whether you come or free russian nude screensavers not. Big damn deal goddammit."Haden looked at his friend who had turned red in the face and was now
putting his clothes and shoes on."What the fuck you so mad about?"Barry didn't say a word. As he finished putting on his tennis shoes and
uprighted his bike.Haden said, "Hey, don't go. Please. You'll come soon. And besides
it's so much fun too, cum no cum who the fuck cares?"Barry looked at Haden lying there so golden in the green rich grass. He
held his handlebars with streamers on the ends of them.He said, "You betrayed me, punk.""What the living fuck---?""You grow up by yourself, you free russian girl tits fuck girls by yourself^�""Well," said Haden, "I hope I don't have a crowd with us^� not that
many holes..""You admitted it. You're ditching me. You knew you had been cumming.
You just knew it and I just hadn't seen it in the dark on the playground
or felt it^�""This was the first time, Barry," Haden said, standing up. "How could
I have known? How russian amateur photo board
could I have tricked you and hid it. A guy comes, you
notice, tend to. Suck my rod, will you Barry, I feel the wind is getting
cold even though it's hot as hell.Barry got on his bike, and then off again, let it fall over gently.Then he went over to Haden's beautiful body, more beautiful than any
living creature had the right to be, and knelt down and sucked his
friend's dick again, ready and rarin' to go, and this time, Barry and
his mouth were ready and held the cum inside and swallowed the little bit
of it there was."I have babysex russian captured you now, Haden" Barry said wiping his lips of a tiny
string of cum, "you are now in my stomach and will never go away from
me. I have you forever right here." And he pointed to his abdomen and
smiled tgp free russian big, having just discovered this wonderful ability."And all the girls you fuck and who suck your dick, forever after, know
this, Haden, I was there first. I beat them all to the punch."Haden looked down at Barry and knelt and kissed the top of Barry's head.Haden said, "Hey, Barry, let's get naked and fuck each other.Barry russian boys spanking websites nodded.As Haden undressed Barry, asking "Why didn't we do this sex stuff on
the hill before? Nobody around. Perfect place."Barry shrugged as Haden got Barry naked again."Maybe it was the sense of adventure, getting caught, saying fuck you to
the school, I don't know."As Haden spread Barry's matchstick thin legs and put his hard on to
Barry's boy hole, the both didn't speak for a long time after. They had
fun. As the clock ticked its uncaring mathematical way to the last few
days of August. And it was hot as hell, but still, Haden was right, in
the middle of the hot humid almost unbearable heat, there was a taste of
Autumn in there, hiding.
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